Backwoods Bee Farm Shop

PLEASE READNO cancellations and NO refunds for purchased package bees, must pick up bees at Backwoods Bee Farm on customer pick up date and BRING YOUR RECEIPT!

Any package bees not picked up by end of business day on 4/15/2018 may be resold, as they are livestock and need to be hived.

Pickup time is between 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Business Hours :

Wednesday & Thursday : 6pm - 8pm
Saturday :
9am - 5pm
Sunday :
 9am -12pm 

We are an authorized dealer for Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

We are carrying the following products : Maine made woodenware, 8 and 10 frame equipment.

Italian Queen Bee : Available May - August

Northern Raised Queens : When Available